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Nadi Astrology Specialist:- First of all we should understand what actually the Nadi Astrology is. The Rishis or holy Sages of Ancient India applied their minds and discovered many arts and sciences for the well-being of future generations of mankind. These Rishis occupied themselves in concentrating on the one divine being viz. Paramatma. More than that they were able to visualize the future of human beings by their foresight. Thus the Rishis like Agasthaya, Kousika, Vasishta have given predictions for the persons living in this world.

The Nadi jothidam (Nadi josiyam) is a branch of Astrology that offers explanations and advice regarding the influence of the planets or the results the planets brings about to souls who seek the aid of this branch of Astrology. Every soul has two main nasal passages or nostrils. The breath through the nostrils is termed as Yidakalai and Pinkalai respectively. (Yidakalai-Moon Kalai Pingalai-Sun kalai).The breath through the left nostril is termed as ‘Yidakalai’ and the breath through the right nostril is termed as ‘Pinkalai’. Now for those who are searching for a Nadi Astrology Specialist can rest your searches here. Pandit Hari Ram Ji who is one of the best Nadi Astrology Specialist in India.

When a man and a woman unite equally and completely, a live offspring is being created. In the same manner, the masculine and feminine letters are united in their proper proportions in the form of a poem, the predictions are arranged in an orderly way and the predictions are finally presented in the form of poetry. The predictions are being linked together by a secret rope called ‘Arampaadal’ and then published. Thus, Nadi jothidam (Naadi josiyam) occupies a supreme place among other astrology sciences, that exist in the world and is therefore said to be the mother of all other sciences. You can feel free to contact Pandit Hari Ji to get proper and good advice to get rid of all your problems and remove all the Dosh from your Kundali. Astrologer Pandit Hari Ram Ji who is one of the Nadi Astrology Specialists is a just a phone call away from you.

Many centuries ago, some of the Great Sages of India who could foresee the future of many individuals, wrote the same on palm leaves (known as Nadi) for their welfare of by spending their whole lives in order to ease their lives. Perhaps, this was the effort expended by them to preserve “Dharma” during the Kalyuga. However, they intended to help the humanity to be on the right track by spiritual wisdom. Lord Shiva bestowed exclusive clairvoyance powers on some of these sages on being pleased with their devotion and prayers. These sages created the records on palm leaves associated with an individual’s past, present and future.

The Rishis have given predictions only for such of those individuals whom the Rishis knew would come and get the predictions. The exact age in which each such person will come for this study has also been foretold by these Rishis. These predictions are written on palm leaves. Like many other arts and sciences of ancient days, they were also in Sanskrit. Later, the Tamil kings gathered all such palm leaves irrespective of the subjects, they dealt upon and stored them in big libraries. These leaves which are the repository of the Wisdom of ancient Rishis would otherwise have been lost to us.

Pandit Hari Ram Ji is a Nadi Astrology Specialist who can tell you all about Nadi Astrologer. If you want to know exactly about how your future is then, you should once try Nadi Astrology Specialist. Astrologer and Pandit Hari Ram Ji who has a good knowledge of Nadi Shastra will help you to know about your future. You should contact Pandit Hari Ram Ji at 9781177828.

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